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LIFE NWS cockpit differences

Nylon Gasketing System

Proprietary system of custom-made Nylon gaskets. Installed in all joints between profiles that have movement, sliding or adjustment, so that when moving any profile does not create friction or scratches. It also helps sliding thanks to the enormous sliding properties of Nylon.

NWS nylon gasket system

Stainless Steel Bushings

NWS has developed a system of stainless steel bushings for the connection between aluminum profiles, which confer unparalleled rigidity, dispensing with the need for brackets.

nws stainless steel bushings

Hidden Bushing System

Hidden bushing system in the vertical profiles. They are screwed to the aluminum web, which gives it even greater rigidity, gaining much in aesthetics and cleanliness.

nws concealed bushing system

2 Trays Available

nws base tray types 

Pedal Tray PRO

Tiltable and invertible in GT or Formula position, ready to easily install any pedalboard on the market.

pro nws footswitch tray

Infinite combinations and adjustment positions

normal cockpit life nws position

inverted cockpit life nws position

formula gt cockpit life nws position

HPL sheet

20 mm thick HPL sheet whose color is black, which makes it more resistant to scratches and wear. The sheet is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-humidity.

hpl nws iron

8 Rubber feet

Plate composed of 8 rubber feet with non-slip, adjustable and leveling silentblocks.

8 rubber feet nws

Extra Space

This cockpit has an extra space under the Racing Seat to install power supplies, shakers, etc. It also has space under the plate to be able to pass the cables in an orderly manner and thus have a cleaner aesthetic.

extra cockpit space nws

Cockpit dimensions

NWS cockpit dimensions

130cm length x 60cm wide x 80cm high

The cockpit structure has 3 possible positions, in normal conditions we recommend using the middle position:

options cockpit dimensions NWS

Available in 2 Colors

NWS cockpit colors

Multi-traySteering wheel Compatible with:

  • WENCH R9, R16, R21
  • Logitech G25/G27/G29/G923 (including Xbox versions)
  • All Fanatec bases including CSL DD
  • All Thrustmaster docking stations including T248
  • VRS
  • Alpha Mini (SIMAGIC)
  • OSW (required to have base anchor)
  • Simucube2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate (base anchor required)

Front Tray Compatible with:

  • SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate.
  • VRS
  • Alpha Mini (10 n/m) and Alpha (15 n/m).
  • OSW
  • MiGe 130ST series.
  • Leo Bodnar, Kollmorgen, AKM Series 5X.
  • Lenze MCS12H.

Main features:

  • 90×45 and 45×45 heavy duty profiles
  • Position of Racing Seat adjustable, up, down and inclined in case of Life PREMIUM/PRO, in case of Life ECO the extra "Supports of Racing Seat" is necessary.
  • Fully adjustable bridge at Steering wheel
  • Fully adjustable pedal position in case of Life PREMIUM/PRO, in case of Life ECO the extra "Pedal Bridge" is required.

Included in the package:

  • Aluminum profiles and mounting materials (all versions).
  • Supports from Racing Seat (Life PREMIUM/PRO)
  • Multi-pedal tray and Multi-Steering wheel/Frontal (all versions).
  • 8 Adjustable rubber feet (all versions)
  • XL Stand, Mouse Tray and Side Keyboard Tray (Life PREMIUM).
  • Adjustable Support (Life PREMIUN/PRO)
  • Screws for mounting Racing Seat and Peripherals (all versions)
  • Assembly manual available as download (all versions)

Elements not included in the main picture of the product:

  • Side keyboard tray (not included in Life PRO and ECO, included in Life PREMIUM)
  • Mouse tray (not included in Life PRO and ECO, included in Life PREMIUM)
  • XL Support (not included in Life PRO and ECO, included in Life PREMIUM)
  • Life Reinforcement Kit (not included in Life PRO and ECO, included in Life PREMIUM)
  • PC support (not included as standard in any version of LIFE)
  • Monitor Mounting (not included as standard in any version of LIFE)
  • Racing Seat (not included as standard in any version of LIFE)


  • Life PRO/ECO: we recommend the extra "XL Support", it provides rigidity and also the possibility of anchoring the trays of accessories and Peripherals, in the Life PREMIUM already includes this extra.
  • On all versions of the LIFE: we recommend the extra "Reinforcement caps Steering wheel/Pedalera", for maximum rigidity in both systems.
  • On all versions of the LIFE: there is the possibility to reinforce the plank with the extra "Life plank reinforcements", an excellent way to reinforce the plank for those who are looking for the maximum possible rigidity at the base of the cockpit.
  • Life ECO: we recommend the extra "LIFE Pedal Bridge", which allows total modularity of the bridge.

Life Eco Premium cockpit review by

Video of the assembly:


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