Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld

Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld
Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld

Pedals Sprint Heusinkveld

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"The winner is not the one with the fastest car, but the one who refuses to lose."

Every tenth of a second counts! If you are looking for Pedals to help you be fast and consistent, look no further. Years of experience and new testing methods have been used during the development of this innovative state-of-the-art simulation product: the Pedals simracing Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint.


The Sim Pedals Sprint is a rugged, compact and highly adjustable design with the main parts made of high-precision CNC laser-cut steel, designed for your home simulator.

Mathematical models were created to accurately calculate pedal travel and force curves, allowing for highly accurate prediction of how each pedal behaves in different configurations.

All metal profiles are powder-coated with a fine powder coating in anthracite gray RAL7016 or a sandblasted semi-gloss metal finish. The Pedals includes all new concepts for bearings and pivot points to minimize unnecessary play. Automated test routines have been used to simulate up to 1 million duty cycles, without any loss!

Accurate and robust load cells measure throttle and clutch position, as well as the force applied to the brake. Unlike rotary potentiometer designs, load cells provide true linear output relative to your pedal output. They are insensitive to dust and dirt and do not wear out, resulting in unmatched accuracy and durability over time.

Customized, EMC-certified electronics ensure that each pedal responds instantly and accurately in your favorite simulation software. The included SmartControl software allows for easy setup of dead zones, braking force and customization of pedal output curves (non-linear).



The throttle pedal is smooth, precise and highly adjustable, giving you excellent control over any race car. With five pedal travel settings, an adjustable force curve, spring pre-load, pedal angle and pedal height, you can set the throttle exactly how you like it.

The graphs below show the effect of the force curve and preload settings:

simracing throttle curve

simracing throttle curve


The dual-stage braking system consists of an adjustable initial spring, which simulates pad-to-disc separation, and progressive rubber elastomers. Pedal firmness is adjustable by selecting from 6 different possible settings. The pedal angle and height can also be adjusted.

A 120 kg load cell measures up to 65 kg (143 lbs) of actual maximum braking force, ensuring that this brake pedal is suitable for both simracers who like to apply significant force when braking and pilots who prefer much lower operating forces.

The graphs below show the effect of force curve fitting:

simracing brake curve


The clutch features a regressive spring mechanism to simulate a typical concave clutch curve. In addition, it has three pedal force curve settings, adjustable spring pre-load, pedal angle and pedal height.

The graphs below show the effect of the force curve and preload settings:

simracing clutch curve

simracing clutch curve


New electronics have been integrated into the brake pedal. This allows for a clean setup with a minimum of cables.

The controller board has received a conformal coating to protect it from moisture and dust. The product as a whole is CE certified and has been tested to comply with all applicable European EMC standards and regulations.


Sim Pedals Sprint comes with a powerful setup tool that allows you to configure your Pedals in ways that were not possible before: SmartControl. Working in conjunction with the new electronics, SmartControl allows instant mapping of pedal output curves (non-linear), pedal dead zones and brake pedal force.

These settings can be made without having to recalibrate Pedals (including iRacing). All settings can be saved in profiles, which can be loaded again in a few mouse clicks.

smartcontrol heunsikveld simufy

smartcontrol heunsikveld simufy

Curve mapping

A key feature of SmartControl is the ability to configure custom signal output maps per pedal. Traditionally, the output of the Pedals racing simulator has had a one-to-one sensitivity relative to the pedal input. SmartControl allows you to map non-linear output curves using 5 zones (six input parameters).

Each pedal has a drop-down curve type menu with predefined output curves. You can also select the option to make a custom curve and manually set the desired pedal output percentage for each zone. You have complete freedom to set your own shapes!

smartcontrol heunsikveld simufy

smartcontrol heunsikveld simufy

Dead zones and braking force adjustment

SmartControl offers quick and easy adjustment of pedal dead zones. The effect of changing these settings can be seen visually and in real time. You can also set in a few mouse clicks the braking force required to obtain 100% brake output on your simulator.

smartcontrol heunsikveld simufy

smartcontrol heunsikveld simufy


There is support for an unlimited number of profiles within SmartControl. Saving and loading a profile is done in a few mouse clicks. Because the profile data is saved in relation to your calibration values, it is possible to exchange pedal profiles between Sim Pedals Sprint owners.

Calibration assistant

Your Sim Pedals Sprint are pre-calibrated during assembly and can be used as a plug & play device. All adjustments in SmartControl can be made without having to recalibrate the Pedals.

In case you need to recalibrate (e.g. after making certain mechanical adjustments to the Pedals), SmartControl has an easy-to-follow calibration wizard.

More Information

A printed manual is included with each set of Pedals.

For the Sim Pedals Sprint we also offer an optional mounting plate: the Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate.

Please note that these Pedals cannot be installed on the floor without additional support, or in a cockpit where there is no solid connection between the Pedals and the Racing Seat. A complete setup is always required for the Sim Pedals Sprint, even if you use the optional Sim Pedals Sprint Platform.

Also note that these Pedals are designed for home use only. For professional driver training and commercial applications, we offer other pedal options. Please read our pedal selection guide for more information on the right Pedals set for your application.

This product is compatible with PC's running Windows 10 or newer. It is not compatible with Linux or consoles such as Xbox or Playstation.

The Pedals are pre-calibrated (plug-and-play). If you want to use SmartControl to recalibrate or adjust certain settings of the Pedals, you need to use Windows 10 or newer.

Sim Pedals Sprint are CE certified, including having passed EMC compliance testing.

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